Bathroom Renovation


Although this is usually the smallest room in the house it is the one most used. If you sell your home, it is also one of the selling points. Bathroom renovations Auckland can be very expensive so having a budget is important. You do not want to be half way through your bathroom renovation and run out of money. Although budget is important, you need a checklist to know where to budget your money. On the checklist should be the measurements of the fixtures you are replacing to ensure you get the right size replacements. You also need to decide on the style, colors, flooring, and décor.




  The one color that you should stay away from is white. White is not a color for a bathroom with children. You want a color that makes you happy so choose blues, yellows, pinks, greens, all in pastel colors. If you want to be bold and adventurous you could choose one wall to paint a vibrant or deeper color and use a coordinating color on the other walls. The flooring, accessories, and curtains should all complement the wall colors.



  If your budget does not allow for a full renovation you can still have a new look to the bathroom. If the sink or toilet is stained, has chips or cracks, replace them. Change the shower door, restain any cabinets, change the hardware like handles and drawer pulls. Get new faucets for the sink and shower. You could also change the showerhead to one with LED lights, or a rainfall showerhead.




Whatever type of storage you choose make sure they are functional. You can include a corner shelf or shelves to put in an unused corner. Put an enclosed shelf above your toilet for your extra rolls of toilet paper so they are handy when needed. Put a medicine cabinet above the sink for medicine, toothpaste, extra soap, etc. Use an under-the-sink cabinet for extra towels and washcloths, shampoo, conditioner, and more. Some of the cabinets have drawers where you can store your cosmetics, extra razors, and more.




Any type of flooring can be used as long as it is waterproof. You do not want carpet in the bathroom. You can use ceramic, granite, or marble tiles for the walls. For the floors you can use vinyl tiles, which are inexpensive. Just make sure that whichever flooring is used that it is slip-resistant and durable.




You want to make sure that the lighting chosen is functional and gives enough light so there are no slips and falls. Include a small night light for those night trips to the bathroom so you do not have to turn on the overhead light. You can use a dimmer switch so you can have the room as bright or dim as you want. It is advisable to have at least four watts of incandescent lighting for each square foot. You could also put a bar light above the sink. This is a light fixture that have two or more lights affixed to a bar of wood or other material. Before adding light fixtures maximize your natural light first.




These can include towel racks, toothbrush holders, soap dishes, etc. Make sure that they coordinate with your color scheme.